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VOLUME 1 (1959) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Some Changes in the Technique of Lute Playing from Le Roy to Mace DIANA POULTON
Some Remarks on Old Lutes MICHAEL PRYNNE
English Duets for Two Lutes RICHARD NEWTON
The Lute Music of Francis Pilkington RICHARD NEWTON
Francis Cutting: A Bibliography RICHARD NEWTON
The Weld Lute Manuscript ROBERT SPENCER
A Note on Max Unverdorben MICHAEL PRYNNE 
VOLUME 2 (1960) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
A Fifteenth Century Lute Design IAN HARWOOD
Ayre on the F# String MICHAEL MORROW
The Rumanian Cobza A L LLOYD
The Lute: Historical Notes J D ROBERTS
Lutes and Theorboes: Their Use as Continuo Instruments, described by Praetorius in his Syntagma Musicum (1619) M MORROW and M GRAUBART
An Orpharion of John Rose DONALD GILL
Descriptions of the Bandora, Penorcon and Orpharion from Praetorius, William Barley, Trichet MS and Talbot MS
VOLUME 3 (1961) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Notes on the Spanish Pavan DIANA POULTON
Some Remarks on Lute Forgeries MICHAEL PRYNNE
Some Corrections to the Three Spanish Songs in A Musicall Banquet DIANA POULTON
Brief Notes on the Bass Lute DONALD GILL 
VOLUME 4 (1962) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
John Maynard and The XII Wonders of the World IAN HARWOOD
Captain Digory Piper of the 'Sweepstake' DIANA POULTON
The Sources of English Solo Bandora Music DONALD GILL
Robert Southwell and Morley's First Booke of Ayres EDWARD DOUGHTIE
Notes and Information:
Two Missing Lute Parts for Morley's Consort Lessons ROBERT SPENCER
The Burial of John Dowland DIANA POULTON
VOLUME 5 (1963) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
John Dowland's Patrons and Friends DIANA POULTON
The Old Bologna Lute Makers MICHAEL PRYNNE
The Origins of the Cambridge Lute Manuscripts IAN HARWOOD
Mabel Dolmetsch, A Tribute DIANA POULTON
Notes and Information:
A Sale of Lutes and Citterns
VOLUME 6 (1964) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Lute Bellies and Barring MICHAEL PRYNNE
Stuart Lute Technique R CRASHAW
Lute Stringing in the Light of Surviving Tablatures DIANA POULTON
Notes and Information:
Lute Heads
Has the Problem Changed? J D ROBERTS
The Cambridge Lute Manuscripts: A Postscript IAN HARWOOD
Stuart Lute Technique
VOLUME 7 (1965) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Philip Rosseter and his Songs NIGEL FORTUNE
Rosseter's Lessons for Consort of 1609 IAN HARWOOD
Some Notes on the Music of the Vihuelistas JOHN ROBERTS
Was John Dowland a Singer? DIANA POULTON
The Tollemache Lute Manuscript ROBERT SPENCER
Musicae Modernae Laus: Geoffrey Whitney's Tributes to the Lute and its Players PHILIP BRETT
Notes and Information:
Turtles and Twins DIANA POULTON
The Three Spanish Songs in A Musicall Banquet (1610) DIANA POULTON
VOLUME 8 (1966) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Music for the Lyra Viol: The Printed Sources FRANK TRAFICANTE
The Lute Songs of Thomas Morley DAVID GREER
An 18th Century Amateur Lutenist: Translated by I ROBERTS
Richard Mathew and The Lute's Apology ADRIENNE SIMPSON
Notes and Information
VOLUME 9 (1967) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Walter Gerwig (obituary)
Campion the Musician DAVID GREER
The Lute Books of Trinity College Dublin:
I:MS D.3.30/1: The So-called Dallis Lute Book JOHN M WARD and MUSIC 200
John Dowland's 'Can she excuse my wrongs', B Flat or Natural? DIANA POULTON
VOLUME 10 (1968) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Caccini's 'Amarilli mia bella': Its Influence on 'Miserere my maker' MARY JOINER
The Lute Books of Trinity College Dublin:
II:MS.D.l.21: The So-called Ballet Lute Book  JOHN M WARD
Notes and Information
'Of a petty French lutenist in England' by Richard Flecknoe ADRIENNE SIMPSON
'If ever hapless woman' by John Bartlet DIANA POULTON
The Death of Guzman JOHN ROBERTS
VOLUME 11 (1969) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
An Organizational Peculiarity of Lord Herbert of Cherbury's Lute Book CURTIS A PRICE
The Fourth Dublin Lute Book JOHN M WARD
Notes and Information
A Musical Contest W A MARSHALL
VOLUME 12 (1970) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Barley's Songs without Words JOHN M WARD
How to Play with Good Style by Thomas de Sancta Maria DIANA POULTON
Allusion to the Essex Downfall in Lute Song Lyrics LILLIAN M RUFF and ARNOLD WILSON
Notes and Information
Additions to the Inventory of TCD MS D.3.30/1 JOHN M WARD
VOLUME 13 (1971) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
John Danyel: His Life and Songs DAVID SCOTT
The Lute Solos and Duets of John Danyel ANTHONY ROOLEY
Notari, Porter and the Lute STANLEY BOORMAN
Reference and Source Materials
Two Renaissance Lute Carvings STEPHEN BONNER
A List of Printed Lute Music in the British Museum: Part 1 DIANA POULTON and DAVID MITCHELL
In Memoriam: Thurston Dart
VOLUME 14 (1972) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Johann Rude's Flores Musicae (1600) H BRUCE LOBAUGH
The Allegro from J S Bach's Prelude, Fugue and Allegro in E flat Major BWV 998 EUGEN M DOMBOIS 


Reference and Source Materials
A Translation of Hans Judenkünig's Ain Schone Kunstliche Underweisung... (1523) MARTHA BLACKMAN
A List of Printed Lute Music in the British Museum: Part 2 DIANA POULTON and DAVID MITCHELL
Supplement: Uber das Allegro aus J S Bachs Präludium Fuge und Allegro Es-dur BWV 998 EUGEN M DOMBOIS 


VOLUME 15 (1973) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
German Lute Tablature and Conrad Paumann RUDOLF HENNING
Robert Fludd on the Lute and Pandora JOSCELYN GOODWIN
The Lute Made Easy: A Chapter from Virdung's Musica Getutscht (1511) UTA HENNING
Uber die Fuge und das Prelude aus JS Bachs Präludium Fuge und Allegro Es-dur BWV998/The Fugue and Prelude from JS Bach's Prelude, Fugue and Allegro in E Flat Major BWV 998 EUGEN M DOMBOIS
Notes Notes and Information
A A A Geometrical Construction for a Lute Profile DAVID EDWARDS
In Memoriam: Maurice Vincent
VOLUME 16 (1974) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
in Memoriam: Desmond Dupré
John Danyel's 'Eyes looke no more' DAVID LINDLEY
The Tunings of the Four-Course French Cittem and of the Four-Course Guitar in the 16th century CHARLES DOBSON, EPHRAIM SEGERMANN and JAMES TYLER
Lute Making in the Late 15th and 16th Century FRIEDEMANN HELLWIG
Notes and Information
A Possible Source of Lachrimae RUDOLF HENNING
The Art of Persuasion: A Note on the Lyric 'Come again: sweet love doth now invite' ROBIN HEADLAM WELLS
VOLUME 17 (1975) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
John Wilson's Literary Sources MARY HOBBS
'To sing and play to the Base-Violl alone': The Bass Viol in English 17th Century Song EDWARD HUWS JONES
The Cittern in England before 1700 DJILDA ABBOTT and EPHRAIM SEGERMANN
'...thou court's delight': Biographical Notes on Henry Noel DAVID GREER
Notes and Information
Two More Dowland Attributions DIANA POULTON
Further Remarks on the Four-Course Guitar JAMES TYLER
VOLUME 18 (1976) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
The English Lute Duet and Consort Lesson LYLE E NORDSTROM
Hans Judenkünig, c. 1455/60-1526: Commemorating the 450th Anniversary of his Death RUDOLF HENNING
On the Publication of Adrian Le Roy's Lute Instructions IAN HARWOOD
Thomas Morley's 'Fair in a Morn' ROBIN HEADLAM WELLS
Durer's Drawing 'Angel with a Lute' DAVID EDWARDS
Notes and Information
Elizabeth I as Lutenist DAVID SCOTT
A Vihuela in Ecuador DIANA POULTON
A possible Dallis Reference? IAN HARWOOD
Notes on the Guitarra, Laud and Vihuela DIANA POULTON
In Memoriam: Genevieve, Madame de Chambure
VOLUME 19 (1977) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
15th-Century Tablatures for Plucked Instruments: A Summary, a Revision and a Suggestion DAVID FALLOWS
The Lute in Christian Spain DAIANA POULTON
The Twelve-Course 'English' Lute WILLIAM B SAMSON
Notes and Information 'Jiggy-Joggy' DAVID SCOTT
In Memoriam: Major-General Michael W Prynne
VOLUME 20 (1978) Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Le Luth et sa Musique: From the Neuilly Colloquium to the Corpus of French Lutenists JEAN JACQUOT
Thomas Robinson's 'Generall Rules' IAN HARWOOD
The Lute Airs of Charles Tessier FRANK DOBBINS
New Sources of Music by Robert Johnson PETER HOLMAN
Notes and Information
A Vihuela in Ecuador DONALD GILL
In Memoriam: Michael Schäffer
VOLUME 21 (1979-81) Price £8

Non-members Price £10
Sprightly and Cheerful Musick: Notes on the Cittern, Gittern, and Guitar in 16th and 17th Century England JOHN M WARD
VOLUME 22 (1982)
PART 1 Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Lute Temperament in Hans Gerle (1532) EUGEN M DOMBOIS
The Vihuela in Latin America DIANA POULTON
Charles Mouton's 'Avertissement' from Pièces de Luth (1699) BILL SAMSON
Making Lute Moulds STEPHEN BARBER
Summer School 1981 CHRIS MILLER
PART 2 Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
A Six-Course Lute by Magno Dieffopruchar STEPHEN BARBER
Aspects of 17th-Century Lute Style Reflected in the Works of the 'Clavecinistes' DEVID LEDBETTER
The Thibault Lute Manuscript: An Introduction, I LEWIS JONES
Lute Temperament in Hans Gerle (1532): A Comment from the Author EUGEN M DOMBOIS
Richard Newton 1909-1976, an Obituary
VOLUME 23 (1983)
PART 1 Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Lute Tablature 205-B-32 in the Toonkunst Library, Amsterdam PAUL VAN REIJEN
Citterns and their Fingerboards PETER S FORRESTER
The Thibault Lute Manuscript: An Introduction, II LEWIS JONES
Minikins and Laces ROBERT SPENCER
PART 2 Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Thomas Campion's 'Ayres filled with parts' Reconsidered DR CHRISTOPHER R WILSON
The Instructions from Vincenzo Capirola's Lute Book: A New Translation FEDERICO MARINCOLA
The Corporation of Lute-Makers in Venice: Historical Aspects STEFANO TOFFOLO
Diana Poulton: An 80th Birthday Appreciation IAN HARWOOD
VOLUME 24 (1984)
PART I Members Price £4

Non-members Price £5
The Viola da Mano and the Vihuela: Evidence and Suggestions about their Construction ANTONIO CORONA-ALCALDE
Bakfark and Greff: Two Names - One Person ISTVAN HOMOLYA
Replete for Three Lutes: The Missing Parts IAN DAVIES
PART 2 Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Performance Style of the English Lute Ayre c. 1600 ROBERT SPENCER
Hinrich Niewerth: Lutenist at the Swedish Royal Court KENNETH SPARR
Fray Juan Bermudo and his Seven Vihuelas ANTONIO CORONA-ALCALDE
An American in Zillertal ROLAND H B STEARNS
VOLUME 25 (1985)
PART 1 Price £4

Non-members Price £5
An Approach to Performing the Mid 16th-Century Italian Lute Fantasia ROBERT TOFT
Gut Strings and Angled Bridges DAVID VAN EDWARDS
'The Art of Singing' ANTHONY ROOLEY
Postscript to 'Performance Style of the English Lute Ayre c. 1600' ROBERT SPENCER
PART 2 Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Lord Danby, Lutenist of 'Quality' TIM CRAWFORD
Lutenists at the Royal Court of King Gustavus I KENNETH SPARR
Singing Lutesongs: A Final Word ROBERT SPENCER
Twenty Lutes at the Wigmore Hall
VOLUME 26 (1986)
PART 1 Price £4

Non-members Price £5
A Vihuela Manuscript in the Archivo de Simancas ANTONIO CORONA-ALCALDE
Seven Pieces for Vihuela from the Simancas Manuscript Edited by ANTONIO CORONA-ALCALDE and STEWART McCOY
Lost Lute Solos Revealed in a Paston Manuscript STEWART McCOY
PART 2 Price £4

Non-members Price £5
Alternative Lutes: The Identity of 18th-Century Mandores and Gallichones DONALD GILL
Hardwick MS 29 : A New Source for Jacobean Lutenists LYNN HULSE
Francis and Thomas Cutting, Father and Son? LYNN HULSE
An Early 18th-Century Swedish Lute Tutor KENNETH SPARR
VOLUME 27 (1987) Price £5

Non-members Price £6
The Lady Margaret Wemyss Manscript MATTHEW SPRING
An Unknown and Unique Broadside Lute Instruction KENNETH SPARR
Some Unobserved Information about John Dowland, Thomas Campion and Philip Rosseter KENNETH SPARR
A Scottish Consort PETER FORRESTER
A Dowland Curiosity DAVID GREER
VOLUME 28 (1988) Price £5

Non-members Price £6
Daniel Bacheler: The Right Perfect Musician ANNE BATCHELOR
The Horoscope of Signor Angelo Notari (1566-1663) CHRISTOPHER EGERTON
The Skene Mandora Manuscript DONALD GILL
The Instructions of Johann Christian Beyer ROBERT EKLUND and MATHIAS THIEL
VOLUME 29 (1989) Price £5

Non-members Price £6
David Kellner: A Biographical Survey KENNETH SPARR
A Strange Varietie of Concordance MARTIN SHEPHERD
VOLUME 30 (1990) Price £5

Non-members Price £6
The Vihuela and the Guitar in 16th-Century Spain:A Critical Appraisal of Some of the Existing Evidence ANTONIO CORONA-ALCALDE
French Lute Music 1600-1650: Towards a Definition of Genres DAVID LEDBETTER
VOLUME 31 (1991) Price £5

Non-members Price £6
Richard Mathew's Prefatory Epistle and the Contents of The Lutes Apology FRANCOIS-PIERRE GOY
Italian Citterns in the Museum of the Paris Conservatoire PETER FORRESTER
A Can of Worms: Lord Herbert of Cherbury's Lute Book JULIA CRAIG-McFEELY
VOLUME 32 (1992) Price £5

Non-members Price £6
The Balcarres Manuscript MATTHEW SPRING
Pitch and Tuning in French Lute Song JONATHAN LE COCQ
Fragments of English Lute Music, I: The British Library JULIA CRAIG-McFEELY
VOLUME 33 (1993) Price £5

Non-members Price £6
Guitar Alfabeto in Italian Monody: The Publications of Alessandro Vincenti NINA TREADWELL
An Interview with Carl Dolmetsch in Celebration of Diana Poulton's 90th Year
Fragments of English Lute Music, II: Oxford Libraries JULIA CRAIG-McFEELY
VOLUME 34 (1994) Price £5

Non-members Price £6
A Piece of 15th-Century Lute Music in the Segovia Codex JON BANKS
An Elizabethan Allegory and Some Hypotheses PETER FORRESTER
Intabulating for the Mandore: Some Notes on a 17th-Century Workbook DONALD GILL
Some New Facts about Vendelio Venere PETER KIRALY
The Toccata for Lute of Paolo d'Aragona DANIELE FICOLE and PAOLO RIGONA
VOLUME 35 (1995) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
A personal tribute to Diana Poulton TIM CRAWFORD
The Status of Le Roy's Publications for Voice and Lute or Guitar JONATHAN LE COCQ
El Estilo Castellano y el Estilo Catalán: An Introduction to Spanish Guitar Chord Notation M. JUNE YAKELEY and MONICA HALL
Jean Baptiste Besard: New and Neglected Biographical Information PETER KIRALY
Some New Facts about Vendelio Venere: Errata in The Lute 1994 PETER KIRALY
The Seventeenth Century Gittern and the Englisch Zitterlein DONALD GILL
In Memoriam: David Scott ANTHONY BAILES 
VOLUME 36 (1996) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
The international character of the music at the court of Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse CLAUDIA KNISPEL
Listeners in depictions of Orpheus and (?) Francesco da Milano ROGER HARMON
The interpretation of signs for graces in English lute music MARTIN SHEPHERD
VOLUME 37 (1997) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
So who's really a lutenist then? IAN HARWOOD
Johannes and Carolus Fernandez, fifteenth century composers of music for the lute HIROYUKI MINAMINO
Dream of a dream: Giovan Maria's extra-musical career HIROYUKI MINAMINO
Roads to Ralegh's 'Walsingham' and the figurative passages of Edward Collard and Francis Cutting CHRISTOPHER MORRONGIELLO
Luys Milan's Orpheus woodcut ROGER HARMON
Dowland's tears: aspects of Lachrimae DAVID PINTO
Obituary: Robert Spencer ANTHONY BAILES
VOLUME 38 (1998) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
A Lute by Raphael Mest in Sweden KENNETH SPARR
Studies in the Cambridge Lute Manuscripts I: 'Musica' ROGER HARMON
Chicken or Egg: Frottola 'Arrangements' for Voice and Lute HIROYUKI MINAMINO
Was Francesco da Milano a Viola da Mano Player? HIROYUKI MINAMINO
Adrian le Roy: Those Accompaniments which Resemble Solo Music VERONIQUE LAFARGUE
VOLUME 39 (1999) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
'My Lute Awake': Thomas Watt, Sappho and Lyric Poetry ROGER HARMON
A New Source of Jacobean Lute Music PETER HOLMAN
The Life and Times of José Marín M. JUNE YAKELEY
A Guide to the Notation in the Air de Cour for Voice and Lute
(Ballard Editions 1608-1643)
Identity Numbers of Items from the Robert Spencer Collection in the Royal Academy of Music  
Obituaries: George Weigand, M. June Yakeley, Jean-Michel Vaccaro  
VOLUME 40 (2000) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
Bernhard Joachim Hagen (1720-87): Some New Biographical Information PER KJETIL FARSTAD
Giovanni Antonio Terzi's Venetian Lute Books: Fantasia and Intabulation and the Lute in Ensemble SUZANNE COURT
Some recent discoveries in Elizabethan Song CHRISTOPHER GOODWIN
Three Chorister-Play Consort Songs in Sources Associated with the Lute IAN PAYNE
Studies in the Cambridge Lute Manuscripts II: Liminary Verse to Dd.2.11 ROGER HARMON
VOLUME 41 (2001) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
Dowland in Denmark 1598-1606: a Rediscovered Document PETER HAUGE
Peter Philips (c. 1560-c. 1628), Composer, Priest and Man of Intrigue RACHELLE TAYLOR
Timotheus' Speeches in Thomas Robinson's The Schoole of Musicke (1603) ROGER HARMON
Shelfmarks of Some Cittern and Lute Manuscripts at Harvard and Mills College  
VOLUME 42 (2002) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
Dowland’s True Tears DAVID PINTO
Lady Mary Killigrew (c. 1587-1656), Seventeenth-Century Lutenist MARGARET YELLOLY
Apeggiated Chords in Early Seventeenth-Century Italy THEODORUS KITSOS
Personal Tributes to Tom Finucane (1955-2002) CHRISTOPHER WILSON and PAULA CHATEAUNEUF
VOLUME 43 (2003) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
A history of Transcriptions of Lute Tablature from 1679 to the Present MATANYA OPHEE
A Mid Sixteenth-Century Guide to Fret Placement JOHN REEVE
Philip van Wilder’s English Songs CHRISTOPHER GOODWIN
VOLUME 44 (2004) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
John Dowland’s ’Lachrimae’ at Home and Abroad MICHAEL GALE and TIM CRAWFORD
Some Literary and Philosophical Aspects of the Idea of the Fantasy ROGER HARMON
 A Few More Discoveries in Elizabethan Song CHRISTOPHER GOODWIN
VOLUME 45 (2005) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
’A Lecture in Musick, with the Practice thereof by Instrument in the Common Schooles’, Mathew Holmes and Music at Oxford University c.1588-1627 IAN HARWOOD
Laux Maler (c.1485-1552) SANDRO PASQUAL
Tributes to Gusta Goldschmidt (1913-2005) CISKA MERTENS AND FRED JACOBS
VOLUME 46(2006) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
Wolfgang Hoffman von Grünbühel’s Lute Book: A New Source from the Early Seventeenth Century RICHARD CHARTERIS
The Lute in Croatia ANTON MRZLECKI, translated by TIZIANA SBISA
The Schlick-Virdung Intabulation Controversy HIROYUKI MINAMINO
VOLUME 47(2007) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
Bourdons as usual LEX EISENHARDT
Dissonance and battuto, a Hidden Practice in the Performance of Seventeenth-Century Guitar Music LEX EISENHARDT
Dissonance in the Guitar Music of Francesco Corbetta MONICA HALL
Angelo Michele Bartolotti's Lettere Tagliate MONICA HALL
Tuning Instructions for the Baroque Guitar in Bibliotheque Nationale Res.Vmc ms. 59, f. 108v MONICA HALL
Personal Recollections of Francesca McManus (24/12/1937-23/11/2007) IAN HARWOOD
VOLUME 48(2008) Price £10

Non-members Price £12
The origins and history of a Scots-owned lute book: The 'Ruthven Manuscript' (F-Pn Res. 1110) FRANCOIS-PIERRE GOY
Two newly-discovered English lute tablature fragments MICHAEL GALE
A few more observations on baroque guitar stringing MONICA HALL
Some additional information on Wolfgang von Gruenbuehel's lute book FRANCOIS-PIERRE GOY
VOLUME 49 (2009) Members Price £10

Non-members Price £12
Lute lessons for fifteenth-century amateurs HIROYUKI MINAMINO
The M 6983 lute tablature manuscript from the Phillipp Spitta Collection KATARZYNA MILEK
A fragment of tablature in the Marsh Library DAVID GREER AND JOHN H. ROBINSON
English lute music and transitional turnings, a new discovery JOHN REEVE
Was Foscarini also weird? Baroque guitar tablature for the perplexed MONICA HALL
VOLUME 50 (2010) Members Price £10

Non-members Price £12
A rare 1698 Joachim Tielke angélique JAMES WESTBROOK
Rasgueado guitar notations: the use of chord ’L’ in accompaniment NATASHA MILES
’The court, which is nothing but a show, now comic and more often tragic’: New documents on the last years of Francesco da Milano FRANCO PAVAN Translated by CHRISTOPHER GOODWIN and TIM WATSON
’Il magnifico Sigismondo Maler Thedescho’ and his Family: the Venetian connection BONNIE J BLACKBURN
A tablature fragment in Bodleian MS Bod. 842, more evidence of Oxford consort playing? CHRISTOPHER GOODWIN
VOLUME 51 (2011) Members Price £10

Non-members Price £12
Thomas Mace and a sense of ‘humour’; the case for expression in seventeenth-century English instrumental music WENDY HANCOCK
‘The Jewes Dance’ and ‘De Jerr A Mort’: Music from Marlowe’s play The Jew of Malta? IAN HARWOOD†
Solo lute practice in Italy before Petrucci HIROYUKI MINAMINO
The theorbo and other lutes with extended stringing in Polish museum collections PIOTR KOWALCZE
Obituary: John Ward (1917–2011) CURTIS PRICE
Obituary: Ian Harwood (1931–2011) THEA ABBOTT
VOLUME 52 (2012) Members Price £10

Non-members Price £12
Jerome Panigato: an Italian lute maker living in London WENDY HANCOCK
‘The Jewes Dance’ and ‘De Jerr A Mort’: Music from Marlowe’s play The Jew of Malta? MICHAEL FLEMING
The Reverend Johan Nohrborg’s eleven-course lute KENNETH SPARR
Lute and English guitar in a musical correspondence of the 1760s CHRIS BARLOW
The first printed lute instructions, Petrucci’s ‘Regola’ HIROYUKI MINAMINO
Obituary: James Tyler ZAK OZMO
VOLUME 53 (2013) Members Price £10

Non-members Price £12
Peter Short and the printing of Dowland’s First Booke of Songes TESSA MURRAY
Francesco Corbetta, a biography MONICA HALL
A little more information on Reverend Johan Norhborg’s eleven-course lute KENNETH SPARR
Four English country-dance tunes in Trinity College, Dublin Manuscript 408/II: A tune for Hay the gye JOHN H. ROBINSON
The first printed lute instructions, Petrucci’s ‘Regola’ HIROYUKI MINAMINO
Obituary: Philip MacLeod Coupe (1944–2013) ROBERT COUPE